One Source

Automated Procurement Program with World Wide Visibility

For the first time in Tier One’s history we have unlocked the two largest databases in the electronics industry and made them available to "partners." Both contain a global reach: one being a components or semiconductor search platform and the other one a computer product search platform. Access to these databases is through the "partner login" section of

OEM & CM partners can now search for an item in Tier One’s inventory by the manufacturer’s nomenclature and/or own internal part number. If the item is not found in Tier One’s inventory, partners can go to the appropriate database and search by the manufacturer’s number. The search and results are anonymous and tightly filtered to produce the most accurate availabilities. Our unique filtering system significantly decreases the likelihood that "phantom parts" are posted. Further, it allows Tier One to narrow searches, demographically, and procure parts from preferred vendors in, for instance, North America and Europe, only. From the results page, partners can select an item and send an RFQ directly to the Tier One representative.

Partner Benefits

  • * Eliminates buyer guesswork
  • * Fixed margin removes shortage/high demand markups
  • * Simplifies buyer responsibility
  • * Buyer no longer needs to be a negotiator
  • * Open book policy
  • * Partners can pulse the market by anonymously looking at availabilities without sending the rfq out to multiple brokers which in turn eliminates multiple inquiries to the source and prevents an item from becoming "hot". When the RFQ is issued the source only receives one call.
  • * Buyer has a one-stop solution: one contact, one site to use for placing and tracking orders as well as "live help"
  • * Buyer has the industry expertise of Tier One staff in evaluating each RFQ. Tier One will provide options, date codes, costs, lead times, etc., and suggest a schedule order, if necessary
  • * All quotes are processed through the system and are date/time stamped in a secure environment
  • * No order is too big or too small

To learn more about One Source, or request a free onsite proposal on how One Source can streamline your procurement needs, please email or call (805)-777-7337