Our Added Value Services Include:

IT Asset Disposal

Tier One offers a complete wrap around solution for both your workstation and server reclamation needs. Our in house data destruction software appliance is U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22M compliant and has the capabilities to wipe large volumes of hard drives in a quick, economical and effective process. In addition, Tier One will evaluate and de-integrate the remaining components that make up your workstation, server or node for remarketing and to maximize the amount of asset recovery.

  • • Tier One’s IT Asset Disposal encompasses all EOL (End of Life) Services
  • • Onsite Data Destruction
  • • Equipment Remarketing
  • • Closed Loop Electronic and Electric E-Waste Recycling
    1. 1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Recycling
    2. 2. Non-Ferrous, Ferrous and Polymer Recycling: Shredding, Wire Chopping and Baling
    3. 3. Processing of Precious Metals
    4. 4. Evaluating the Quality and Composition of the Final Commodities

For more information or to request a free onsite evaluation of your IT Asset Disposal needs please email or call (805)-777-7337

Integrated Circuits

Tier One offers the following component services:

• Component Functionality Testing: Performed upon customer request to insure proper form, fit and function to manufacturer’s specifications.
• Programming: Programmable devices including EPROM, EEPROM, PLD, GAL, PAL and Flash to customer specifications.
• Custom Dry Packing & and Baking: Product on Reels, in tubes and tray packaging containing components that can be vacuum-sealed inside a moisture barrier bag to prevent humidity from damaging sensitive devices.
• Tape & Reeling: Both SMD (surface mount device) and leaded (axial and radial) components.
• Kitting: Tier One will can handle your simple or complex kitting needs. We will assist in the procurement of material as well as ship on a scheduled basis to meet deadlines.